Resin stabilized, waterproofed and French polished Pear wood or Mapingo combs. Air chambers in comb are smoothed and burnished for improved airflow. The mouthpiece is raised slightly for improved note selection and sharp edges are rounded off. The unique mouthpiece design is an individual feature of Neil Graham built custom harmonicas

Reed offsets are set for maximum compression and response. Stress points on reeds are diminished to ensure longer life and improved performance.

Factory tolerances are adjusted for improved air seal between reeds and reed plate

A perfect fit between reed plates and comb makes for a more airtight system. I do not use sealants or gaskets.

The cover plates for the 1896 Marine Bands are opened out in the back for better sound projection and deepened to prevent reed rattle.I have unashamedly copied the Filisko
cover design .I challenge anyone to improve on his covers......I can’t!
In the case of the Pro Deluxe I have removed the tabs and supported the covers with a brass back brace.
No Epoxy resin or plastic is used in the production of N.G. harmonicas.
All resins are non toxic and naturally derived..Read more about resin HERE


Just intonation: ………… smooth chords
Equal temperament:……… single note melody
Compromise tunings: …… …chords and melody

Unless requested all harps are fine tuned to a 19 Limit Just Intonation.
If requested I can supply harmonicas tuned to your specifications. Tuning is performed with the aid of a Peterson Strobe tuner.