Hand Finished,Modified Hohner diatonics – All Prices in Australian Dollars
All models are guarranteed fully servicable and repairable (see repairs)

Marine Band 1896 trad. hand made with nailed reedplates Resin stabilised pearwood combs with raised composite mouthpiece  $300 or $350 for o/draw o/blow model with screwed reedplates,stabilised pearwood comb and raised composite mouthpiece.

Marine Band with African Blackwood comb (Mapingo) raised mouthpiece and screwed reed plates
$360 or $420 for o/draw o/blow model

Marine Band model 364 "Bye Bye Bird"  $380

Thunderbird with raised mouthpiece $350

Deluxe Professional Custom Hybrid
Featuring M.S Meisterclasse reedplates with Mapingo combs and modified M.S Blues Harp covers. These are a heavy duty harmonica delivering incredible volume punch and power in demanding stage situations.Available only from NG Custom Harmonicas (I do not adjust this model for overbends)
$420 Australian

How to order
Please email me or telephone me before sending any money.We need to discuss your personal requirments, style of playing etc. so that you recieve the best possible service.
All orders are accepted on reciept of a full payment in advance. All prices include postage and handling to anywhere in Australia (Overseas customers add $20Au for insurance and extra postage). With your payment include your personal contact details such as email address, phone No., and your mailing address.

Waiting time
About three months at the time of writing.This is variable depending on my work load at the time of

For overseas customers I accept payment electronically Via Paypal, or Electronic Fund Transfer. For Australian customers I will accept Cheque, Money Order Bank Transfer or Paypal. To contact me for details, or to make a payment use